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Raw Affiliation Fitness is the official fitness club of Raw Affiliation. Based in Portland, Maine with head trainer and fitness coach Trenton Bassingthwaite, we provide people from all different points in their fitness journey the necessary tools they may need to succeed. Whether that be the bodybuilder prepping for competition, athletes bulking/cutting weight, or just the person looking to get in better shape and improve their diet, we will create a custom plan to fit your specific individual needs! 


Here are some of the resources Raw Affiliation Fitness will provide and where you can find them:


Coach Trent -

Youtube Channel - Raw Affiliation Fitness

Instagram - @RawAffiliationFitness

TikTok - @RawAffiliationFitness 


Please email with “Private Training” in the subject line!  We would love to help you meet your fitness goals!


Coach Trent posing after a recent workout 


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