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A fiery young businessman, relentlessly chasing a dream with passion. Dylan Raw has built a brand based off nothing but integrity, the idea of realizing true potential, and extreme work ethic. From recording mixtapes in a basement to opportunities flying across the country, culminating millions of online streams along the way. Dylan is dedicated to the craft, inspired by his team's loyalty and their relentless chase for perfection. His brand and identity represent only the slickest, most desirable attributes of a multi-talented recording artist. The respectable young man is a model of marketability, a clear-cut leader, and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. 


Dylan had a very unique upbringing from the perspective of, he was not born into the entertainment industry…but literally, grew up in the middle of it. From selling out his first live show as a solo artist at age 12, to going on tour with Papoose as an opener by age 14, Dylan firmly believes that he found his calling in life at an early age. Once he turned 18, a local businessman who once saw him perform when he was just 13 years old, decided to fly Dylan out to Los Angeles for the first time in 2016 to get his feet wet in the “big leagues” of the music industry. Since then, Raw has worked with some of the biggest producers and artists on earth, not only as a solo artist but as a songwriter as well. Aside from music, Dylan enjoys spending his time running and operating Raw Affiliation Inc., designing clothing for the Raw Affiliation brand, and managing their artists and producers; as well as donating and pooling resources for different charitable foundations and organizations.



Patrick Graff (born June 28, 1998), known professionally as Graff, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He is one of the most prominent members of the New England rap scene, which gained mainstream acclaim in the late 2010s with the success of artists like Joyner Lucas, Coi Leray and Millyz. Following the tragic death of his best friend and label mate Lil Errl in May 2019, Graff released his debut mixtape Vacationland. Its lead single “I Don’t Wanna Die” propelled him to stardom in the local scene. Graff’s songs “Movin’”, “Night Time”, and “I Don’t Wanna Die”, all became classics in the North East United States, and pushed him to make a move to Los Angeles to further his music career. Aside from songwriting and rapping, Graff also enjoys performing live, designing clothing, and hanging with his friends in his free time.

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Bongo is a South Portland native - who started producing in 2018 and has been constantly pushing the fold when it comes to creating new waves. He had an incredibly large repertoire when it comes to the music he can produce from hardcore rap- to country music- calling on his original start to music creation, indie rock. With his work ethic- Bongo is dedicated to making the best beats ever, and fills them all with ear candy, swagger and adds unheard components in every single beat. In due time Bongo will be the most sought after producer in the industry.



PAPITOKNOWS is a producer coming out of South Portland, Maine, who has a goal for being a top producer in the industry. With PAPITOKNOWS drive and passion towards producing, there is certainly no doubt that he could reach his goal. He started producing at the end of 2019 with no sign of stopping anytime soon. His beats can be described as a journey through your ears with strength, passion, ambition, and desire. PAPITO’S creativity through music can positively change the music industry with his own style of music. He has a variety of genres that he can produce ranging from Rap- Hip Hop- to chill Lo-fi beats. Even though PAPITOKNOWS is new to production, he is definitely no stranger to music and has a talent that will lead him to success. With his music flowing through artists' heads, along with the chemistry he can generate with people, can build a name for him in the industry. It’s only a matter of time before “Pop” is one of the most popular producers in the game.

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